Friends of the Bayfield River

Friends of the Bayfield River (FOBR) is a local volunteer driven initiative with the mission of ensuring water is treated with respect.

Friends of the Bayfield River was formed as an offshoot of the Environmental Committee of the Bayfield Ratepayers Association. The group consists of members from Bayfield to Seaforth, rural and urban residents, government agencies, conservation authorities and local municipalities.

With the guidance of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, the group’s aim is to:

  • Promote awareness about environmental issues that threaten the quality of water both within and beyond the watershed;
  • Support the work of other community-based environmental groups, government, and non-government agencies in remediation of the Bayfield River watershed;
  • Support local youth groups that are actively involved in environmental activities that are consistent with FOBR goals.


2005 Conservationists of the Year – Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority