Sponsors and Partners

Our Advisors

ABCA   Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

MNR    Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

HSC     Huron Stewardship Council

HCHC   Huron County Health Unit

MOE     Ontario Ministry of the Environment

HCPD   Huron County Planning Department

LHCCC  Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

ED  Environmental Defence

Our Community Partners

ACLA   Ashfield Colborne Lakefront Assoc.

BSRA  Bluewater Shoreline Resident’s Assoc.

BRTA  Bayfield River Valley Traill Association

AMGH Alexandra Marine and General Hospital Foiundation

Our Sponsors

OMHP    Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion

M of B    Municipality of Bluewater

TDCT     TD Canada Trust Environmental Fund

GBCF     Grand Bend Community Fund

HSC       Huron Stewardship Council

HCCWP  Huron County Clean Water Project

FFF        Fresh Water Future

M of CH  Municipality of Central Huron


Environmental Rights

Environmental Commissioners Office

It allows citizens to participate in the decisions about the environment and to hold the government accountable for those decisions.

1075 Bay Street,Toronto, ON Canada M5S 2B1


MOE Spills

Report alleged spill violations into the Bayfield River or one of its tributaries.

Tollfree: 1-800-268-6060

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Report alleged spill violations into the Bayfield River or one of its tributaries

Tollfree: 1-800-263-1420



Ministry of Natural Resources

Gives information on natural resources issues and a funding and technical support source for FOBR

100 Don St. Clinton, ON Canada N0M 1L0

Phone: 519-482-3428


Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

ABCA is the authority responsible for the Bayfield and Ausable Rivers watersheds and a source of technical information on those watersheds.

71108 Morrison Line Exeter, ON Canada N0M 1S5

Phone: 519-235-2610